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Our slip and fall law firm helps you file a legal claim for injuries sustained from your fall. Our services provide relief from the stress that comes with slipping and falling. Legal cases involving a slip and fall situation are complicated and require expert knowledge to successfully launch a claim.


We understand what it means to be I such a tussle and this is the reason why our slip and fall lawyers stand up for you. We offer the best legal representation and a result-based approach to your case. Slipping and falling on someone's property could cause serious injuries that are detrimental to your health. You need someone to hold your hand through it all and offer relentless support during the slip and fall lawsuit. You definitely need our professional support.

It is a proprietor's obligation to provide safety measures to provide reasonable care to property users by keeping the passageways, floors, isles and any other walking place in safe conditions at all times. This obligation involves efforts towards eliminating hazardous conditions that pose a high risk and damage to users.

If you injure yourself due to a slip and fall case, your status determines the amount of care you receive as stipulated by the law. If you visit a premise for business transactions and you slip because of dangerous conditions, then you need to contact our lawyers immediately. If you are an invitee in a premise when you encounter your accident, chances are that you will receive better consideration from the jury compared to a trespasser. Licensees also receive protection more than a trespasser but less than an invitee in a slip and fall lawsuit. We help you understand all these basics before seeking your claim.

People with a personal injury case usually need services of our professional lawyers sooner than later to be able to secure their claims.

How do you prove Liability?

Proving liability is one of the ways of setting your case on a trial path. You have to determine that the defendant's negligence gave rise to your injuries. Our lawyer will help you gather evidence that proves the defendants actions. This case can however be subtle and complex compared to car accident legal lawsuit.

Our slip and fall lawyers confirm the events that happened during the injury time. Falls can be fast and you may not easily comprehend how you ended up with a thud, injured on the ground.

Some of the questions to they may want answers to are:

  • How did you fall from the stairs?
  • What type of shoes were you wearing?
  • Were you holding on to the handrail?
  • What were you carrying?
  • Were you on phone?
  • Did your foot trip or slip?
  • Where were you looking while you were going down on the stairs?

All these facts are critical in a slip and fall lawsuit. These facts will be the determining factors whether you will receive compensation. Here are some possibilities leading to your fall.

  • You slipped on something on the stairs
  • You missed a step
  • You tripped over your coat your dress, belt or something else
  • You reached for the handrail, perhaps and lost your balance
  • The risers or height of each step was of varying heights, which unknowingly destabilized you as you descended or ascended the stairs and hence you lost your balance.

Not all of these theories are a defendant's fault and the premises owner is not legally responsible for you tripping when it involves your own clothing that caused the fall. However, the owner of the premises would certainly be responsible for a poorly constructed staircase, such as the one with raisers with varying heights or lacking handrails.

Proving Damages caused


Proving damages is not a matter of just saying, “I broke my leg and I have been out of work for three month.” When you seek our slip and fall lawyer services, we will fully document your lost income through your employees pay records, tax forms and returns. Our lawyer will also assemble all your medical reports and expenses. Our law firm also has specialized staff to track all your medical records and bills.

Seeking our slip and fall attorney services is affordable and our cost of representation is the best. Our lawyers offers you the best services for a slip and fall lawsuit. You will only have to pay us after the final settlement with the jury that is, if your case works out well. If you are a victim of slip and fall injury contact us now.

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